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Patrick Musimu
Patrick Musimu is the first breath-hold diver who reached the mythical barrier of 200m/660ft. Patrick has been called the man who breathes water, or by those that help him train, an Alien. He is the w...
freediving.netfirms.com freediving and spearfishing
Freediving and spearfishing pictures and stories as well as links to other freediving and spearfishing pages and some underwater hockey stuff
Freediving - Spearfishing - Apnea Magazine
Apnea Magazine, freediving and spearfishing e-zine
Apnea mania
Discover information on the sport, records, profiles of individual divers and photos.
Freedive.net & Terry Maas: book or video on apnea freediving, snorkeling,spearfishing
Book and video to freedive, spearfish, white seabass, white sea bass,apnea dive
World wide freediving spots
World Wide Freediving Spots Database - Find a place & buddy to freedive
Freedive Vancouver!
Freedive Vancouver. A freediving club dedicated to recreational and competitive freediving in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Offering ocean lovers a new way to experience the aquatic world.
2481 links page     

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